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Is Buying the Stocks Online Safe for You?

The very first rule of investing is to purchase shares of good companies at lesser prices to their actual worth. And, second rule of investing is to always keep the cost low.


By doing a good research on your part—selecting which stocks to buy —and purchasing stocks on yourself, you can avoid unseen investment fee and, in reality, improve your returns significantly. (These unseen fees may cost hundreds or thousands of dollars later on!)

Buying the Stocks Online

There actually are three major ways, by which you can easily trade on by yourself. Firstly, you will be able to discover sellers and buyers just by going and searching out of any official exchange for them. You call up Uncle Milt in Australia and offer him around $40 per stock for thousand shares of the company Coca Cola and even he will take up your offer.

It’s doubtful you’re doing that, however.

Another alternative is to contact that company straight to take part in its straight stock purchase plans, if such thing exists. You can, for example, buy KO stocks directly from Coca-Cola, without going through an exchange or a stock brokerage. You will pay a little fee and you probably will have to meet minimum and maximum investment requirements, but it can be cheaper and easier than going through brokerage.

The third alternative is to set your own discount brokers investing account, in which you can sell and buy stocks yourself for low commission and don’t have to pay maintenance rates yearly.

This is attractive because you can state, “Purchase me one thousand share of KO if the price reaches about $40/share” and then wait for that trade to complete and pay $4 to $10 for that transaction. (That’s a good deal.)

Is Buying the Shares Online Safe?

Certainly, there are some risks involved with buying shares from other people directly. Possibly, Uncle Milt is one of your favorite uncles and the most reliable person, but what in case you found somebody willing to sell out you Coca-Cola stocks certificates for around $20 per share?


By the similar logic, purchasing shares from the company directly is as secure as purchasing shares of that particular company; as Coca-Cola is worth owning, its straight shares purchase program can be legitimate.

To some extent, this worth of neutrality and trust makes using online discount broker much more interesting. Given that you make use of one among the stated firms that’s been there for some time (and processes billion of transactions each year), you’re probable to get something usable and stable. After all, they will be liable for unbelievable damages, in case they did anything wrong; they’d have wrath of SEC and US Government and equivalents in the other countries.

… but keep in your mind what you’re protecting against actually.

Can You Pick Excellent Stocks to Purchase Online?

The risks of buying stocks aren’t that you select the wrong method to invest in. The risks are that you will sell and buy the wrong stock.

As long as one is careful and does a little research on his or her part, he or she can find an excellent discount broker. If, in case, the broker moves out of this business and you go on losing everything, you’ve bigger problems—that most likely means the worldwide economic system has actually shut down and discovering clean water is much more important than looking at your shares on your Smartphone.

No, the major risk of purchasing stocks is that you’ll not get the correct stocks, the stocks that you know, and the stocks which are right now on sale and will offer you with actual wealth over time in future.


That’s the risk, which you take on if you let somebody else pick the stocks for you, when you buy into any mutual fund or let your brokers take you into making the trades you wish to do. If you’re not the one, who is deciding what to sell and buy and when to sell and buy —if you don’t possess a compelling story why you’re buying that particular stock at present—you’re taking too much of risk.

If you have rightly chosen which stocks to buy, then buying them online can be extremely safe, if you do investing the correct way and don’t let someone else handle your wealth for you. Therefore, buying the stocks online could be safe, secure and profitable and if you’re watchful and do your own research, you can easily watch your capital grow.